Friday, July 13, 2018

Dakota County earns national recognition for technology practices

Dakota County has been recognized for its use of technology to better engage with residents, provide efficient customer service and save taxpayer dollars. The County placed sixth nationwide in its population category in the 2018 Digital Counties Survey, a project of the Center for Digital Government and the National Association of Counties to identify the best technology practices among U.S. counties.
Dakota County was the only Minnesota county awarded. The County was recognized for its expanded social media presence, including on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Nextdoor, YouTube and Instagram. It also developed a smartphone app for library, park, property tax and other purposes. The County is upgrading equipment to improve video and closed-captioning of County Board meetings, and it is planning an online payment system for a variety of services. A national first place ranking last year for the County's vehicle fleet also was noted in the recent survey. Excellent fleet management, including tracking fuel use and maintaining vehicles, saves taxpayer money and improves safety.
"Innovative counties are utilizing technology and data to better inform and protect themselves and their citizens, to save taxpayer money and to provide a better citizen experience," said Teri Takai, executive director of the Center for Digital Government, a national research and advisory institute focused on technology policy and best practices in state and local government. "The Center for Digital Government congratulates this year's winners for all the efforts they are making to improve the lives of their residents and others."
"Effective technology has proven to be a key tool for efficiency in many facets of county government," added Matthew Chase, executive director of the National Association of Counties. "We applaud this year's Digital Counties Survey winners for showcasing the value of innovation and adaptation. Their embrace of cutting-edge approaches has benefited residents while ensuring good stewardship of taxpayer resources."

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