Monday, May 15, 2017

Leadership & Educational Opportunities

Dear communities, friends, and families:

Finally, at last, our communities have a space to write and share stories, books, essays, poetry, fiction/nonfiction, etc. Our communities have a space to grow, identify and develop. During times of genocide and war, in our homeland, we couldn't express ourselves; freedom of creative expression was not an we have that opportunity. I've been longing for this opportunity all my life. We need your help to build it for our friends, families, and communities. 

Join me.

Help us rise, build, and grow.

If you are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the literary arts community the Cambodian American Literary Arts Association (CALAA) /k'lah/ is looking for board members, leaders, and volunteers. Please note: You do not need to  live in Massachusetts to be part of these opportunities. 

For more info please see attached flyer or FB page:

Please share this flyer far and wide.

Thank you in advance!


Peuo Tuy
Spoken Word Poet

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