Monday, January 9, 2017

Family Matters

Military and Veteran Services, Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, Hastings will host a community initiative meet and learn on Thursday, 26 January, meet and greet begins at 6:30 PM, followed with learning at 7:00 PM in the St Philips Lutheran Church, 1401 15th St W., Hastings.. Topics to be covered include (but not limited to) Family, Youth and Childhood Development, Challenges, Experiences, Resources and Connecting. Featured guests: Dajon Ferrell, Susan Amundson and Hanah Martin.

Military service members and their families live, work and play in the local communities throughout the Nation, State and County. They attend schools, houses of worship, shop at local businesses and use local community services. Those community services play a key role in support. By working together, service providers and the community can build a community capacity for support, service and help service members and their families feel welcome and connected.

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