Monday, December 5, 2016

Randolph Schools On Social Media

Randolph Public Schools has a strong presence on social media.  Administration has compiled a database of school personnel's social media accounts, pages, and groups in an attempt to continue to show the extraordinary things that students and staff of Randolph Schools accomplish daily. This is a way to share updates and information from activities and events happening in classrooms and the school.  If you are active on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you are welcome to like, join, or follow.

Pages (Search and 'like' these pages)
Randolph FFA Alumni -
Randolph Public Schools -
Randolph High School Activities -

Groups (Search and join these groups)
Randolph FFA
Randolph Girls Basketball
Randolph High School Strength and Conditioning
Randolph Music Department
Randolph National Honor Society
Randolph Rocket Baseball
Randolph Rocket Basketball (Boy's Basketball Group)
Randolph Rocket Dance Families
Randolph Rocket Football
Randolph Rocket Softball
Randolph Rocket Volleyball

@RandolphBB (Randolph Rocket Baseball)
@RandolphFB (RandolphFB)
@RandolphHS195 (Mr. Fisher, High School Principal)
@RHS_RocketsAD (Mr. Soule, High School Assistant Principal and Activities Director)
@RocketsNews195 (Mr. Kelley, Superintendent)
@RocketPE (Randolph Rocket Physical Education Classes)
@RRocketstrength (Randolph Weightlifting)
@WyattScience (Ms. Wyatt, High School Science)

#we.are.rockets (Ms. Esser, High School English)
randolphfacs (Ms. Burke, High School FACs)

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