Thursday, July 14, 2016

Slow no-wake boating restriction expected on St. Croix River

Recent rains are causing the St. Croix River to rise to the level where boaters operating between Taylors Falls and Prescott will need to slow down, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.


Boaters on that stretch of the St. Croix must operate at slow no-wake speeds when the river's level reaches 683 feet above sea level at Stillwater, which is forecast to happen Friday morning.


The special restriction, authorized by state rules in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, is aimed at reducing shoreline erosion and resulting property damage in areas not usually susceptible to wave action at lower water levels. Officials from Wisconsin, Minnesota and the National Park Service will post signs regarding the slow no-wake requirement at all public accesses, and marina operators have been notified. 


When triggered, the slow no-wake rule remains in effect until the water level recedes below the 683-foot level. Boaters can check the current river level online at

Boat and water safety officials at the DNR also point out that high-running rivers often contain debris floating just below the surface that can present significant hazards. Boaters should slow down, exercise caution, and always wear a life jacket when operating in such conditions.

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