Saturday, June 4, 2016

MnDOT announces some Highway 12 improvements

 The Minnesota Department of Transportation announced that the federal government has made $2.3 million available that the agency will use to build a concrete median barrier on Highway 12 between County 6 and County Road 112/Old Highway 12 in west Hennepin County. 
In addition, MnDOT has already installed LED lights at county road intersections between Maple Plain and Delano and will begin building left turn lanes on the staggered intersections from Highway 12 where traffic heads north or south to County 92. The agency will install those this summer. There have been a high number of crash fatalities in this area. This solution was identified in a safety audit that MnDOT has been working on for several months, and expects an immediate safety benefit for motorists traveling this route.
MnDOT has been working with the Highway 12 Safety Coalition to have projects ready when funding was available. The median barrier will be funded by federal dollars that the Federal Highway Administration temporarily withholds annually from MnDOT due to Minnesota's comparatively less stringent DWI laws. The federal government releases dollars late in the federal fiscal year. MnDOT secured the funding and will apply it to the median barrier.
MnDOT expects work to begin on the median barrier in September 2016. Crews will start work on the left turn lanes in July 2016 and finish by early September 2016.
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