Saturday, May 28, 2016

Family, Youth and Kid Festival canceled, location change

Due to Public Safety concerns and Precipitation (Rain) Forecasts of over 50%. a decision to change the location should be made now and not later. If this has caused any inconvenience, file your complain with the undersigned, however no refunds will be provided. Family, Youth and Kid Festival canceled completely, however there will be another one.

Date:  28 May 2016
Time: 6:30 PM
Place: St Phillips Lutheran Church, ELCA
Address: 1401 West 15th Street West (Corner of 15th of Pleasant)
As a seasoned combat veteran for over twenty (20) years, a manger (Post and District VSO), a member of the community (Chamber and others),  I have learned that the only mistake that you can make is to not plan for and execute properly. Therefore, I feel very confident that this is a sound decision for myself, community and those who are served, supported, and remembered.

A very thanks goes to every resident in the Hastings trade area, Hastings-City Government, Downtown Business Association, Hastings Partners and volunteers.. Remember Hastings offers restaurants, gift and specialty shops, antiques , health & beauty salon, therefore make plans to come early, schedule a day to take a tour the down, take a walk on the trail system, and don't forget the cruise-in in two weeks.
For the selected invitees, a reception will be held at the Onion Grill, at 4 PM. Selected Downtown Business Owners, Mayor, Hastings VSO Cdr's and Volunteer Services-Hastings Veteran Home.

Below, is a partial list  of memorial day events, which promises to be a very good day, please consider and attend one or many of them to show respect and honor to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and in the Hastings tradition, those military and veterans that are looking down upon us and provided the outstanding weather forecast.

Dean Markuson
Military and Veterans Services
Beyond the Yellow Ribbon-Hasting
and many other titles and functions
(651) 438-2208
P.s. I will be relaxing from 11 -2 PM at the VFW, 275 West 33rd St, (651) 437-8231, if you have any questions. I have no cell phone.
Community Events, Activities and Sites
  • Check out the exhibits at Dakota County Library-Pleasant Hill, MidCounty Bank, Hastings-City Hall and American Legion Post 47. United States of America Vietnam Commendation Partner. We have joined the team of more than 9,000 organizations dedicated to assisting the nation in thanking and honoring our 7.2 million living Vietnam Veterans and the 9 million families of those who served. Community events and activities will provide a wealth of information about the Commemoration. Our first initiative will be to honor our community's KIA's.
  •   United Methodist Church. 1526 15th St West. Stop and visit all the Minnesota Heroes.
  • Area cemeteries. Visit and  remember those that are there. Over 1,000 veterans
  • St Mary's, New Tier. Special Worship Service. Check with the parish
  • 30 May, Meet in Red Wing Train Depot by 530am and stepping off at 6.:30 AM, What this is: A 28 mile road march from Red Wing to Hastings, MN to honor our fallen comrades on Memorial Day. Open to anyone willing to walk 28 miles, don't have to be a Veteran. For the vets there is no strict uniform but I'll be wearing my old BDU's with boots and an ALICE pack. Will try to keep a 2-3 mile/ hr pace and get to Hastings by 5pm. There will be breaks of course. Support and supply will depend on how many sign up. Why: To help put more attention on what Memorial Day is about. For Them. And to also give us veterans an excuse to get together, to wear the uniform again and to honor our fallen comrades together. Watch For Them March Video at Sign Up for the March & Get Updates at Facebook Event: For Them March at ttps:// Media Contact Info:, 952-201-3646
  • 30 May, Memorial Day. Observances will begin at 9 am., Minnesota Veterans Home, 1200 E. 18th Street, followed by a 10 o'clock program at Roadside Park, follow in sequence at Soldiers and Sailors Cemetery on West First Street and Ninninger Road and end at the Veterans Memorial-Levee on Ramsey and First Streets. Feature Speakers: SGM (Retired) Chris Amundson, Miss Minnesota Rachel Lotuff, Voice of Democracy, Patriot Pen winners and Legion Boy Staters.

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