Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Comments invited on reports about restoring Root River and tributaries

Reports on protecting and restoring the Root River watershed are now open for public comment. This area in southeastern Minnesota provides high quality streams for trout fishing and other recreation. However, some parts of streams suffer from bacteria levels that may make the water unsafe for swimming, soil and sediment that cloud the water, and nitrate levels that may stress aquatic life like fish.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is accepting comments on the reports through May 16. One report is a study that identifies pollutants in the Root River and tributaries, determines the reductions needed, and recommends actions to take like planting cover crops and reducing runoff. The second report outlines strategies to restore and protect the streams such as planting buffers of deep-rooted plants.

Both reports are available on the agency website by going to and searching for "Root River."

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