Thursday, March 10, 2016

The appearance and tethering of the POW/MIA hot air balloon has been canceled.

Based on the ground conditions (Spring Thaw) it has been decided to cancel the appearance and tethering of the POW/MIA hot air balloon.  It is felt that the grounds cannot withstand vehicle traffic and may be damaged. 
Currently it is being proposed that this will be a sanctioned event during Rivertown Days at Veterans Park, on 15 July.  This would coincide with the Rivertown Rumble where the Legion and the Hawks play a double header baseball game. Based on last years schedule of events the Legion games is at 5:00 PM and Hawks at 8:00 PM. Coordination action will be accomplished to ensure that this event is not scheduled to hinder the attraction of speculators at the game. The American Legion coach has not objections.. 
Rescheduling  will ensure maximizing participation and will seek to honor the sacrifices of military personnel and increase  awareness of the POW/MIA issues, rather than attraction to an unrelated event.
Thank you all for working on this event and look forward to its continuance.
Dean W. Markuson
Director, Beyond the Yellow Ribbon-Hastings

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