Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Local businesses can find out how they compare to their peers

Small businesses can see how they stack up with other employers in the community by joining the Employers of Excellence program presented by the Workforce Development Board.
With unemployment dropping below 3 percent in both Dakota and Scott counties, businesses need to know what other businesses are offering.  The Workforce Development Board is working to educate employers on what they need to do to be competitive in a fully employed market. 
Each company participating in the Employers of Excellence program will complete a 40-question survey and receive a detailed report to compare businesses to others in the community.  
For more information, contact Workforce Development Board Director Mark Jacobs at 651-554-5622 or go to, which includes a link to the survey. Click on the "Employers of Excellence" tab. 
Deadline for consideration for this program — available this year at no cost to employers — is April 1. The survey is open to all businesses that have been in business in Dakota and Scott counties for at least two years. There are no costs associated in participating.  
All costs are being covered by the Workforce Development Board and area sponsors including Dakota County Technical College, Inver Hills Community College, Dakota County Community Development Agency and Scott County Community Development Agency.
Businesses that enter the program will be eligible to win Employers of Excellence Awards. Winners will be announced May 25.

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