Friday, January 1, 2016

Getting Locked Up: A DWI Booking

Getting booked for a DWI can be a humiliating, anxious experience that will not only ruin a person's night but can impact their life for years to come. The short-term consequences will include handcuffs, fingerprinting, jail uniform and mugshot. The long-term consequences can include several thousand dollars in cost, including lost wages and court fees, also the loss of your license and ignition interlock to start your car.
The video — "Locked Up: A DWI Booking"  — produced by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, demonstrates the DWI booking process and what drivers can expect if they choose to drive drunk. The Minnesota State Patrol, Scott County Sheriff's Office and Craig Barnd, a former DWI offender, provide an inside look in this simulation.
Drunk Driving by the Numbers
Drunk drivers in the state continue to endanger the people important in your life — children, parents, grandparents and friends.
·         In the last five years (2010 – 2014), there were 479 drunk driving-related traffic deaths in Minnesota, and 88 people were killed in drunk driving-related crashes in 2014 alone.
·         25,258 motorists were arrested for DWI in 2014 (an average of 70 per day)
·         There were 1,044 life-changing injuries in 2014 — 210 were known to be alcohol-related. That's 20 percent of all serious injuries.
Minnesotans planning for New Year's Day holiday fun should plan for a sober ride. Extra DWI enforcement is on Minnesota roads through January 2.

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