Tuesday, September 22, 2015

National 4-H Week - October 4-10

October 4-10 is National 4-H Week, and Dakota County is celebrating the 4-H youth who have made an impact on the community!  Throughout the month of October 4-H youth will connect with the community through library visits and school open house events.  Please go to www.extension.umn.edu/county/dakota and click on "Join Dakota County 4-H!" for 4-H open house opportunities and to learn more about how to get connected in 4-H. 

Minnesota 4-H is a youth development program available throughout Minnesota for youth grades K-1 year after high school. Here in Dakota County there are 23 community clubs spread throughout the county and over 900 youth enrolled in the 4-H program and over 300 adult volunteers who help guide and support young people.   This past summer approximately 547 youth participated in the Dakota County Fair and over 3500 exhibits and projects were on display.   

 4-H's learn-by-doing model guides youth in designing and participating in their own programs and activities, which results in hands-on learning. Through this unique process, youth obtain essential life skills such as problem solving, decision making, coping and communicating that prepare them to succeed in their school, college, community and careers. Research shows that youth who participate in 4-H have better grades and are more emotionally engaged with school, are more than twice as likely to be civically active and contribute to their communities, and are 47% less likely to have risky or problem behaviors.  

Today's 4-H projects include the traditional and still popular agriculture and animal science projects. But 4-H youth also work on cutting-edge technology projects, such as aquatic robotics, clothing and textiles, digital photography, community service, theatre, crafts and fine arts, environmental projects and much more! 

Learn more about 4-H in Minnesota and how you can get involved at www.4-H.umn.edu or contact Dakota County 4-H staff at 651-480-7700 or torg0016@umn.edu.

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