Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Beyond The Yellow Ribbon

An invitation is extended to raise awareness of the unique wartime challenges military families face and to ensure they are surrounded by the support they need today and long after. The community is very excited to join forces with key representatives from neighboring counties and communities, that acknowledges their service and sacrifices as its way to serve and be involved.
The Hastings community is committed to the Yellow Ribbon network "Best Practices" that joins forces on behalf of our service men/women, Veterans, families and the community. We have such brave families right in our midst, that have made great contributions to our Nation, State and community. Souls have been touched and we should be proud to recognize, appreciate, and say " Thank You".
The Beyond the Yellow Ribbon initiative is not only a community wide effort of support for all, where they can access information, support and services. We must be committed to optimizing communications and information to establish an active, cohesive and sustainable network.
I am asking you to forward this e-mail to your judicial districts, County and Community Public Safety Departments/Commissions, County Veterans Service Officers/Organizations, Human/Social Services, Beyond the Yellow Ribbon partners, military, Veterans, families and the general public.
Community Military and Veteran Services Training
The Hastings Beyond the Yellow Ribbon initiative and the Community of Hastings would like to extend an invitation to be in Hastings on 8 October, 7 PM at the Nelson Lucking American Legion Post 47 in the Downtown Historical District. This is a community Beyond the Yellow Ribbon initiative meeting in which a very important issue to our military, Veterans, families and the community will be presented.. First and foremost we want to welcome home our war veterans with honor by discussing quality readjustment services that can be provided in a caring manner and assisting them toward a successful postwar adjustment in their communities.
This is an impressive and powerful lineup of panel members and presentations. Presenters will be (Michelle M. Kelley, BS or Amy Wood, MSW, LICSW) Veterans Administration Medical Center Suicide Prevention; Major Ronald J. Jarvi, Jr., Deployment Cycle Support," Resiliency, Risk, Reduction & Suicide Prevention; Retired Army First Sergeant Rita Marques, MS, LPC, St Paul Veterans Center, Shelia Laughton, Healing Memories and Moving On, Womens Initiative Director & MA in Theology and Counselling; Dajon Ferrell, Minnesota National Guard Female Veteran and Major Lisa Thomas, USAF Reserve Social Worker &, Dakota County Veterans Service Officer. In addition to presentations, there will be opportunities for interaction directly one on one with unique situations.
The audience will be very broad starting with Judicial Districts, Sheriff/Police/Public Safety Departments/Commissions, County Veteran Service Officers/Organizations, Human/Social Services Agencies, Beyond the Yellow Ribbon networks; Military, Veterans, and families and the general public. 

What are we talking about: Trauma Counseling; Leadership; Special Populations; Management; Wellness; Networking and Transitional Assistance. 

This is an issue that is of extreme importance as Veterans are tough and more resilient and it's hard to see how the horrors of war can affect one's well being. What is difficult is getting Veterans to reach out for help when they need it, as it could ruin a career. If somebody got a broken leg, we fix it. We're realizing all of the other things we have to do to help take care of Veterans. But overcoming the stigma attached with seeking psychological help isn't easy. It's important to talk about traumatic experiences, but that only addresses one portion of the problem, many soldiers who have not been deployed; never seen combat, die each day.. However direct client services, community education, conjoint treatment, networking and referral, outreach, consultation guidance, and training are available to get back to normal

What a lot of young adults coming in now are missing some of the basic coping skills that are needed just to deal with life. They come from abusive families, chaotic families, that kind of thing. They go to basic training. Then they come home and it's all confusing because what's the most important thing in life when you're 18 is your friends.

Therapeutic Groups Available: Vietnam Veterans; Quality of Life; Combat Trauma; Positive Ends/OIF-OEF; Multi Issues; Partner Support and Wellness and Recreation. Have you checked out your community's Yoga programs to improve your mind and body solutions.

The Armed Services may not be able to stop war, but it and the community can certainly do a better job of helping soldiers move on. Its hopeful that this training will do that.
"Bringing them all the way home"
Dean W,Markuson, 1SG (Retired) U.S. Army
Director, Beyond the Yellow Ribbon-Hastings
Service Officer, American Legion & VFW
Community Service Volunteer 
(651) 438-2208

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