Friday, August 28, 2015

Open for business

Dakota County's first two-lane roundabout will open at the intersection of County Roads 50 and 60 in Lakeville by 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 28.
The intersection handles about 30,000 vehicles every day. The roundabout is anticipated to reduce the potential for delays and severe crashes.
The roundabout, built by Park Construction, was completed on time despite an aggressive schedule and weather delays. The area is still an active work zone and construction will continue for the next month, so motorists should use extra caution.
The new intersection will be easy to navigate if drivers follow a few simple rules:
  • Pick your lane depending on where you intend to go. If you are making a left turn or a U-turn, you must be in the left lane. If you are making a right turn, you must be in the right lane. If you intend to go straight, you can use either lane.
  • Slow down as you approach the roundabout. This will allow you to be prepared to yield appropriately to pedestrians and bicyclists, and then to traffic in the roundabout.
  • Yield to all traffic in the roundabout. Traffic in either lane of the roundabout may be exiting, so it's important to yield to all traffic in the roundabout, regardless of which lane it is in.
Roundabouts improve the flow of traffic, and they have lower long-term operational costs. Most importantly, they significantly reduce the number of fatal and injury crashes.
For more information, visit and search about roundabouts.

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