Friday, August 14, 2015

First roundabout of its kind in Twin Cities area planned for Lakeville intersection

Before the end of the month, Dakota County will open a two-lane roundabout that will likely look unfamiliar to many drivers passing through it. The roundabout is located at the intersection of County Roads 50 and 60 in Lakeville, a place where traffic has been heavily congested in the past.
What separates it from other area roundabouts is the fact that it features two lanes and has no pavement markings inside of it. Instead, overhead signs and pavement markings on the roads approaching the roundabout will direct drivers on how to navigate through. Drivers are instructed to choose their lane before entering the roundabout, yield to pedestrians and traffic in both lanes before entering, and remain in their chosen lane until they have exited the roundabout.
The roundabout will open in August.
For more information, visit and search about roundabouts.

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