Monday, September 15, 2014

Annual drawdown of Lake Byllesby reservoir will start Oct. 1

The annual drawdown of the Lake Byllesby reservoir to its winter elevation of 853.7 feet above sea level will begin Wednesday, Oct. 1. The reservoir will be gradually lowered 3 feet from the summer elevation. The winter drawdown lowers adjacent groundwater levels to accommodate local agricultural needs based on research from the Department of Natural Resources.


The drawdown lowers the water to just below the sill of the Byllesby Dam, forming the reservoir. To lower the water level in the reservoir without causing an abrupt change, about 1 inch of water is released daily. The reservoir will remain at its winter level until May 15 when refilling 3 feet to the summer elevation of 856.7 feet above sea level is permitted.


Construction on the Byllesby Dam will have no effect on the fall drawdown or spring refill.


For more information, visit and search reservoir water levels.

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