Sunday, March 9, 2014

Local Science Fair Results

Local Science Fair Results
Is smiling contagious? Do colors affect our perception about how something will taste? Do seeds grow better in soil that is under pressure? All of these questions about our universe (and more) were studied and presented at the annual student science fair last week at St John the Baptist Catholic School-Vermillion.  Some 60 student projects were displayed in the Pre-K through 6th grade school's gymnasium where 30 judges representing various backgrounds interviewed students to evaluate projects. Students in grades 3rd-6th are required to complete a project using the scientific method, while younger students are encouraged to participate.  Eighteen students where chosen to advance to the next level of competition, the Minnesota South/Southwest Regional Science Fair, in Mankota next month.  In addition, one blue ribbon was awarded for the best project in each class for grades 3rd-6th.

Winners advancing to regional competition include: Front row: Andraya Thorkildson (blue ribbon), Marty Lau, Billy Wilson, Evan Kaiser, Roman McNamara, Allison Wentzler, Charlie Endres, David Petit, and Elisa Kurzawski; Middle row: Ben Clemens (blue ribbon), Julia Kurzawski, Grace Sieben, Cassie Bauer, Ben Kaiser, Lukas Hanson (blue ribbon), Abby Strommen (blue ribbon), and  Shawn Thorkildson; and Back row: Isabelle Petit (blue ribbon)

Third grader Gianna DeGree received the "Best Marketer" award from science fair judges for her presentation skills.

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