Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dakota County Board elects Liz Workman chair for 2014

Commissioner Liz Workman, who represents District 5 of Dakota County, replaced Commissioner Kathleen A. Gaylord as chair of the Dakota County Board at its Jan. 7 meeting.


"This will be my first opportunity to serve as chair of the Dakota County Board of Commissioners since my election. I count myself lucky, because 2014 promises to be a year of great opportunity," Workman said, referring to everything from updated libraries to a new park and enhanced human services to economic opportunities. "We have the chance to continue excellent budget management and stewardship of tax dollars for which we were commended last year, by the media and by the state revenue commissioner."


Outgoing chair Gaylord also touched on the County's success with handling tax dollars before passing the torch to Workman.


"We ended the year by voting unanimously to decrease the levy for 2014 by .6 percent," Gaylord said. "We were able to do this because over the past three years we have cut nearly $40 million from the operating budget and eliminated more than 100 workforce positions. We've also innovated and collaborated to be more cost-effective."


As Workman chairs the Board in 2014, Commissioner Thomas A. Egan will serve as vice chair.


Also at Tuesday's meeting, the Board appointed chairs for its three Committees of the Whole. Gaylord, who acted as chair of the Administration, Finance and Policy Committee last year, will again be chair for 2014. Commissioner Nancy Schouweiler was elected chair of the Community Services Committee and Commissioner Paul J. Krause was named chair of the Physical Development Committee. Krause will also chair the Dakota County Regional Railroad Authority, as he did last year.


To find more committee appointments for Dakota County commissioners, visit and search elected officials.

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