Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Randolph Elementary School’s Food Drive 2013

Students of the Junior/Senior Project Class who collected and transported are:  (front row- left to right) Bethany Buzzo, Kristin Rudeen, Alicia Ehleringer, Kyle Volkert, Bianca Stoesz (middle row- left to right) Morgan Errington, Morgan Kohler, Megan Thomsen, Shaylee Bistodeau, Cheyenne Weiland  (back row – left to right) Ana Thao, Paul Fitterer, Nicole Motz, Kelsey Wall, Sami Bey, Drew Weidner, Karly Friedges, Angie Hoey, Kate Stein, Gabe Graham, Kendra Emery, Tristan Hayes   (not pictured)  Jade Kelly, Amber Shay, Emmagrace Felton

 Randolph Elementary School's Food Drive 2013

The Elementary Food Drive took place within the Randolph Public School's elementary classrooms December 6-16th.  We had a grand total of 2,737 items that were collected!  This year was amazing!  (Last year's total = 2,507) Thank you to the entire community for being so generous and donating to families in need during this holiday season!  Everything was packed up and put into 2 pick-up trucks and 1 BIG VAN loaded down with food, laundry detergent, personal items, and cleaning supplies. Everything was donated to the Randolph Area Food Shelf which is located in St. Mark's Lutheran Church.  We also had a competition between the classrooms for who donated the most items.  The classroom winners were: 1st Place:  Ms. Marissa Bonde's class of 6th graders who brought in 436 items.  2nd Place:  Mrs. Nancy Andrew's 3rd Grade class with a total of 352 items.  3rd Place: Mrs. Thielbar's 1st grade class with a total of 335 items.  Beth Bester, Director of the Randolph Area Food Shelf, said, "We got such a nice variety of items this year!  A big thank you to everyone who helped make this drive very successful!"  Students who were responsible for collecting and counting were Ms. Johnson's Junior/Senior Project Class (pictured above).


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