Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dakota County decreases 2014 property tax levy to 2009 level

The Dakota County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to decrease its 2014 preliminary levy an additional 0.1 percent, resulting in a final 2014 levy of $128,377,938. The amount represents a 0.6-percent decrease from the 2013 levy. It also represents no net change in the County levy during the past four years, while the Consumer Price Index inflation totaled 8.9 percent in that same time period.

Policy decisions made by the County Board — such as reducing operating spending nearly $40 million since 2009 and becoming self-insured to manage health care costs — have allowed the County to keep its share of property taxes among the lowest in Minnesota. The reduction was also realized with help from an increase in state aid and federal reimbursements, as well as a new sales tax exemption for most purchases made by local governments.


The impact of the levy on a median value home in Dakota County is a more than $11 reduction in the County's share of property tax.

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