Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Randolph Students present at VREP Showcase

On Thursday, April 18th, 14 students from the Communication Arts class travelled to the Southeast Service Coop in Rochester, MN to display their work in 3D Virtual Reality at the "VREP Showcase". Four high schools were in attendance – Goodhue County Ed District, Kasson-Mantorville High School, Kingsland High School and Randolph High School.

The Showcase began with a presentation from Dr. Richard Robb, Director of the Mayo Clinic's Biomedical Imaging Resource Lab, on their use of 3, 4 and 5D imaging processes. Students saw how Mayo makes medicine individualized with examples of how a brain tumor was removed from an Iowa high school's coach, blood vessels repaired in the brain of a toddler to stop epileptic seizures, and the use of dyes in the separation of the Anderson conjoined twins' liver. It was an amazing presentation, demonstrating the use of 3D imaging in medicine from organs to cellular structures.

Rex Kozak, Iowa and National VREP Director and high school principal at East Marshall High School in LeGrand, next took the podium. In his remarks, he noted that in his job, he's been extremely busy presenting VREP (Virtual Reality Education Pathfinders) throughout the entire nation to everyone from engineering conventions to educational conferences (graduate schools, colleges and high schools). He noted, "I want to thank Randolph High School for sending me their students' projects. I've been using examples of their work in my presentations and naming RANDOLPH PUBLIC SCHOOLS over the entire nation." Mr. Kozak also announced that VREP was sponsoring a scholarship for high school seniors JUST for the VREP schools in Minnesota.

Next, ten students gave individual presentations in front of the entire assembly. From Randolph, Ryan Hoey presented "Baseball-It looks so real, you could reach In and touch it", John Knetter with "It's getting HOT-Flame Thrower & Rocket Blast Off", Ryan Schmicking presented "Way Up and Away- Spaceship & Helicopter" and Austin Moorhouse with "I'm NOT Egotistical-My Name in Metallics & Lighting".

We then split up into individual presentations where 17 students presented simultaneously around the outer edges of the conference room. From Randolph High School presenters were, Elijah Berg –"Looks REAL –Textures & Hallway to Inception", Andrew Emery –"Liquids: Green Slime to Ocean View", Katy Freiermuth-"Clay Sculpting- Zombie Head & Goose", Alex McKay-"See My Music –Audio Visualizer", Austin Newborg-"Gaming – It's Harder than You Think", Will Radman –"Construction House '13 in 3D", Collin Regenscheid –"I'm having a blast – Exploding Grenade", Allyssa Sanford –"House from the Movie UP" , Dylan Tonsager –"I Love Animals – Swarm of Bees & Baby Hippo", Zach Scheglowski-"My IDEAL Truck".

Teachers, honored guests, and students critiqued and gave encouragement to the student presenters. Comments included: "I REALLY enjoyed your student presentations – great sense of humor.", "Your students' knowledge base has grown SO MUCH in the last year.", "When looking at these projects, you just need to hold onto your chin when your jaw drops."

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