Sunday, January 27, 2013

CELEBRATIONS IN COLD SPRING, Jackson, Richmond, Rockville, MN.

Cold Spring has Home Pride days or a similar title. Some years ago, the town's summer time celebration was called CRAZY DAZE!  It seemed like every town had  that as a theme.  Personally, I prefer the newer names for the town's annual celebration, which were usually held in July. Later, usually in August was the St. Boniface Church's Parish Festival.  The day's events  started with a great Parade.  Floats of all kinds plus bands playing and Local queen's were all part of the big parade.  A dinner was also served and down below the Church area were many booths selling various items and, of course, food.  There were local bands playing which added to the festivities. All in all, it was a great day and and people who attended were pleased with a day well spent.

Richmond, a great town to the west, is known for its RIVER LAKE DAYS and they also  have a great parade towards evening and it features a lot of community get-togethers and in general it is one of the biggest parades in the area.  There is a talent night and booths displaying food, home made items that are too good not to buy and go home with your new treasure.

Rockville, to the east also has a grand parade down Main Street. One year they even featured a tethered HOT AIR BALOON and yours truly had a 100 foot ride up in the air.  The jet type flames tht cause the balloon to rise are very loud and I was getting a little concerned until I was back on the ground.

JACKSON:  My hometown has a Jackson County Fair each August and it is really a big event.  There are animals that are raised by Young people that are usually members of a local 4-H Club and they show their prized animal that might be a Dairy Cow, Beef Cow, Pigs. Chickens, or even rabbits, plus other items too numerous to mention. The other favorite attraction is the MIDWAY that features Rides, shows of all kinds and a Demolition Derby or two over in the Grand Stand area.  The Fair is either 3 or 4 days long and is the yearly event that everyone in Jackson County and the surrounding area really enjoy and look forward to it each year in August.

Jackson also has  TOWN AND COUNTRY DAYS in June before the big fair, but is well attended by the community.  Various businesses offer great prices on their wares and sometime there is a HOT DOG NIGHT with free hot dogs that never quit.

On the heals of all that are the well-known Sprint Car Nationals featuring some of the country's top notch drivers. Sandwiched in between is the RHYTHM OF THE RIVER featuring many musical people and stand-up acts also. Rounding out the years activities would be the HOLDAY FEST and all the activities. Business places stay open later to be available to the many eager last minute Christmas shoppers.

That about covers the celebration in Jackson, Cold Spring, Rockville and Richmond.  If I left out a town it was not intentional, so if anyone out there wants to fill me in let me on other areas let me know.

I would like to thank Marilyn Knutson of the Jackson Livewire Office for helping me to mention the activities in Jackson.

To all the towns, have a "GOOD YEAR" and stay healthy and happy!

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