Monday, January 14, 2013

Bill's Bits

POST CHRISTMAS BLUES:  When growing up, the excitement of the Christmas Season was the best time of the year!  There were parties, caroling, colored lights, decorated Christmas trees, bags of goodies handed out, free movies, and much more.  As the 25th got closer, the anticipation of the big day or Christmas Eve was on every one's mind, especially the young children.

It was quite commn for a family to go to Grandma's and have a dinner that was cooked with the love of good ol' Grandma. With the diner over and the dishes were done, it was now time to open presents. Colored paper and bows were taken off the box and statements like "Oh! that's just what I wanted" and "It fits me just perfect" and  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, were words well spoken.

After the big day and night, the excitement started to slow down quite a bit.  The new sled, and the new sweater were great to have, but the anticipation of the season settled down to the regular day by day routine.

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that these were great times, but then it was over.

As an adult, and now a Senior Citizen, I find myself still anticipating the great Christmas Season and all that goes with it, but I also find the time after the big event is somewhat of a letdown.  Through all the years we have lived through many Christmas Season's, but one never seems to get used to the time when the real world has to be faced straight on again.

Ideally the happy times of the Season should continue through out the next 12 months. I'm not saying that people are not happy 12 months a year, but the over all response to the question of the Seasonal enjoyment is shown by the day to day living of us all.

On the heels of Christmas comes the anticipation of the New Year and the hopes that it will be a good one. In general, several months have their special times and that's good, but it's pretty hard to beat the annual event that brings the year to a close, leaving memories that linger as long as one would like to have them in their mind.

Some people that I know start to shop for next year's presents right after the big day. In a way that probably helps keep the Christmas Spirit much longer. I would like to get in the frame of mind to shop for next Christmas now, but my two friends VISA & MASTER CHARGE want their Christmas to be happy also.

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