Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hampton Area Business Association: Welcome Letter

Hampton Area Business Association • Hampton, MN 55031

Hampton & Surrounding Area Business Owners: 
The reason for establishing this organization is for one simple goal, to support and 
publicize the businesses of Hampton and its surrounding areas. By teaming together to 
help promote local business, we can help all area businesses succeed and prosper, no 
matter how large or small they may be. However, before our businesses can succeed, we 
need to know about each other and what our businesses do. That is one of the main 
purposes of this organization, to learn about the other businesses in our area, what we 
offer to the communities we work in. This will also help our community leaders promote 
our businesses, thus helping keep us prosperous and in business for many years to come.

Our Goals: Growing Businesses & Beyond
• Establish a common voice of local businesses representing Hampton Area issues.
• Help provide information and helpful resources for new and existing businesses.
• Help initiate and support economic development activities in the Hampton Area.
• Help provide support/funds for local community family/youth events.
• Provide social events that allow business people to network, share ideas, and have fun.

Promoting Your Business In The Hampton Surrounding Areas: 
t could be proposed, that a bi-monthly meeting, could be established and hosted by 
different business rotating locations throughout the year, thus giving local business 
leaders a chance to discuss upcoming events, such as community celebrations, local 
fundraisers and governmental issues that may directly involve their businesses. Being 
involved and participating in these local events is all about helping your business and the 
surrounding area work together to improve the quality of life for our residents and youth. 
Joining today will make our area a better place to live and work.

Any businesses may join the HABA. Your business does not have to be located within the 
Hampton area, although you must be willing to support economic and business activities 
in the Hampton area to grow your business and the businesses of fellow HABA members. 
The only requirement is to have fun, a willingness to learn and grow.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please email your business contact 
information to: A reply with more information about
this opportunity will be sent to you.

Hampton Area Business Association: 
The small amount of time you invest today will have a larger return in the future for all 
our businesses. Thank you again for your interest in helping your fellow businesses and 
communities to succeed.

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