Monday, November 5, 2012

Bill's Bits

COLD SPRING'S NURSING HOME is named Assumption Nursing Home. The first thing that one would notice is that the building that houses 80 or more residents is a well built structure and very recently has added more rooms and offices that offer more space and room for expansion as the need arises.

The next example of a good and efficiant Nursing Home is that there are qualified, dedicated and energetic staff people to provide the best care possible for the residents in their care.

In addition, the welfare of the patient must be kept in mind for providing many activities that keep their interest.  Visitation by friends and relatives is a top priority for keeping the interest of residents and also serving as a time when family members can contact loved ones, because the resident is not able to stay in their own home any more.

The entire staff and administration and Nursing Home Board are geared toward making the Nursing Home a  "Home Away From Home and also an asset for the entire city and surrounding area of Cold Spring, Rockville, Richmond and areas beyond.

JACKSON'S NURSING HOME is known as the Good Samaritan Society and is organized in a similar fashion as most Nursing Homes tend to be organized and run as a business for meeting the needs of the older population.

My Father was a resident in a Nursing Home unit that was connected with the Jackson Municipal Hospital.  That set-up has changed since then and in general, the residents in care are all under one roof at The Good Samaritan facility.

Many, if not all Nursing Homes, have a Activities Director.  These good people have activities planned for the residents that hopefuly keep them interested in a routine of sorts so that they don't become bored and want to stay in their room, instead of staying active.

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that many of the residents keep up on the news scene and have a wealth of knowlege about the area while growing up, working, raising a family and in general being a very productive person in their community.

From time to time, the Activities Director (Elizabeth Kroese) reads a particular column to some of tjhe residents when they are in a large group setting.  There are times when the column will have a "quiz question" to be answered.  The residents in the Good Samaritan Society have a wealth of knowlege and many times have the answer and the activities Director relays the answers back to the column writer, "Bill's Bits."

The untiring work of the administration, board, nurses and staff show the community that the residents are receiving excellant care and are very proud of the image of the Good Samaritan Society.

THE CITY OF HAMPTON does not have a Nursing Home Facility because of the small size of their town, but they have several cities close-by that can offer the same quality care that has been mentioned in the Nursing Homes earlier. Also near-by is the Mayo Clinic in Rochester which can be of help if there may not be enough room in the smaller cities.

The effect of cities "partnering up" together has a good "impact" on the many rural areas and helps communities to be of service to the people in need of nursing facilities.

Once again the area can be known for larger cities or those in rural settings.  However; the interest of the people who need nursing home help is usually, if not always met, with the attitude of being of service to the people who need that service.

Every so often I visit with some of the residents in Cold Spring and Jackson. So far, I haven't got over to the Hampton area, but starting in 2013 I hope to visit that area also.

The thing that stays with me is the fact that many times I come away with a better feeling about what these people know and how it can affect our day to day lives.

If you can possibly fit it into you busy schedule and visit a local Nursing Home, you will be glad you did and so will the residents that you visited.

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