Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bill's Bits

For a change of pace, I'm going to list a few items about food and other trivia type information.

7 snack foods under 100 calories:

1. 2 (6 inch corn tortillas and 2 TABLE SPOONS of salsa.
2. 1 cup of pineapple chunks.
3. 25 pistachios.
4. 1/2 cup of Cheerios and 1./2 cup of fat-free milk.
5. 4 oz. of honey Greek Style Yogurt.
6. A handful of dry toasted pumpkin seeds. (about 1/2 cup)
7. 5 fresh apricots.
*A note about snack foods:  They have become a giant industry with sales of 64 billion dollars a year!!


The average American eats out 100 times each year.  Eat right the next time you eat out with these 5 tips:

1. Order from the kids' or value menu.  You'll get the same great tastes, but far fewer calories.
2. Make better choices by deciding what to order before you get to the restaurant.
3. Share a meal with someone else or save half your meal for lunch the next day.  Ask for the box right away to avoid eating the whole order of food.
4. Substitute something high in calories (cheese or sour cream) for something nutritious (an extra veggie).
5. If you're really hungry, eat a small snack at home before you go out to eat.  Enjoy a handful of nuts, a piece of fresh fruit or some cottage cheese and and you'll be less likely to overeat at the restaurant.

Supposedly... If you are right handed, you will tend to chew your food on the right side of your mouth. And if you are left handed, you will tend to chew your food on the left side of your mouth.

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