Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bill's Bits

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS FROM MY YOUNGER DAYS - Maybe it was because I was younger, but the Christmas lights in my home town of Jackson, Minnesota were very nice, to say the least. At each of the Main Street intersections, there were  green and yellow lights strung from corner to corner with a globe-type fixture in the middle.  The lights were at least 40 watts power, so they produced a well-lit area up and down Main Street. Part of my reason for being so impressed with the lights was probably due to the fact that we didn't have electricity back on our farm.  This finally got changed in about 1945 or 1946. They also had a giant sized star on a higher area of the town and it was lit with about a hundred 100 watt clear bulbs and could be seen for miles,  There was also a smaller star that hung between the power house smoke stacks with all yellow lights. A trip to town was an event that one would remember for years, just as this writer has, over the span of many years. There used to be contests to see which local resident could have the best decorated house and there were cash prizes awarded for the winners. 
It seems that the eternal "Christmas Spirit" was more evident back then also.
An added feature of the town's event was the annual "Santa Claus Day." There was usually a free western-type  movie for the kids and a free bag of Christmas candy, peanuts and sometimes  a popcorn ball also. All in all, it was truly a day for the area kids and was always well attended. On one particular Santa Claus Day, I had a giant cone of Lime Sherbet. With that, plus a lot of candy, and peanuts,  this young farm boy got quite an upset stomach. To this day, some 60 years later, I do not care for Lime Sherbet.  Oh, Well! lived and learned. Needless to say, those days of the Christmas Spirit and the event's that went with it are a fond memory of yours truly and I would venture to guess, many other others also.

Hopefully, the true Spirit of Christmas, will become more of a common event again.

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