Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WEATHER-Bill's Bits

 I may have touched on this subject some time ago, but the weather is always a topic of conversation in our everyday visiting so I'll run some of this by you again.

Growing up in the south-central part of Minnesota and also living on a farm made the day to day weather very important for crops and our livestock also.  One of the types of weather farmers did not want was a heavy thunderstorm and hail.  Hail about the size of peas with a driving wind could wipe out a field of corn, beans and even oats and/or flax.  Farmers could take out hail insurance, but it never covered  enough to off-set the damage that hail had done. If the hail storm hit early in the growing season, there was hope to re-plant and hope the weather would be good enough to help the late planting along to make-up for the earlier loss.  If the fall weather stayed warm, the crops were able to mature and the earlier damage could partly made up.

Somehow, the winter season seemed more "snowy" than it does now.  Perhaps that is because of my remembering only the times when we got a lot of snow. The Heavy snow storms made life on the farm quite hard, because you had to wade through hip deep snow to feed and water the animals.  My job was to scoop the snow so that there was a path to the various farm buildings to make feeding and watering easier. With the start of Spring approaching, life got some easier.  Even the animals sensed the warmer rays of the sun and they reacted by running around and kicking up their heels in the barnyard.

The planting of the coming year's crops was upper most in the farmer's mind.  No doubt, it was the wish of every farmer that this coming growing season would be a good one for everyone concerned.

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