Friday, August 26, 2011

MORE TRIPS - Bill's Bits

 Last week, I wrote about my trips with my Mother.  This week, I will write about trips with my Dad. They were not on a bus, like with Mom but they were more short car trips  to town or around to places close to home. I recall one time when we drove several miles by car for Dad to purchase our first tractor.  It was an F-12, Farmall Tractor with steel lug wheels.  You could not drive a steel wheeled lug tractor on the road, so my Dad had to drive in the ditch all the way home.  I followed him with the car, even though I was not old enough for a driver's license at that time.  We were on township roads, so it was not too hard to get back home before the Sheriff discovered us. The Sheriff was a "good ol' boy" and he would have understood.

Other short trips that I remember were probably no more than 5-10 miles.  They may have been to a farm auction or to Lakefield, Minnesota, where Dad did his banking. Usually. as we were driving home, Dad would sing.  He also sang when he was out on the tractor also.  The interesting thing about his singing was the fact that he never sang in church.  I never did figure that one out.

On occasion, Dad would drive me to Windom. Minnesota, to catch a passenger train to Minneapolis.  You had to be standing on the Depot's front brick platform prior the train coming in.  If you were not in clear view, the Rock Island Road would "shoot" right through town without even slowing down. Of all the trips that I made with my Dad, it was those short trips to and from town or maybe to a farm auction that stand out in my mind as good "one on one" times with Dad.

If I remember right, Dad's favorite songs to sing were "Nearer My God To Thee" and "When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder, I'll Be There."  Not too bad for a man who never sang in church. My own singing in the car is usually with a Merle Haggard tape or a CD disc. My late Wife, Mae, was kind enough to put up with my country type songs. Ah Yes!  Those were the days.

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