Tuesday, August 9, 2011

HOUSING-Bill's Bits

In my years of owning a house, the time has come to possibly look into public type of housing. From 1965 until the present (2011) I have owned 4 homes. 1 in Medford, Mn. and 3
here in Cold Spring. With loss of my Dear Wife, Mae ( 12-19-10) it is a whole different "ball game," so to speak.  However; the options available are something one has to evaluate very carefully. Do I want a 1 bedroom or a 2 bedroom, and a garage or whatever.  All these things have to be considered because of the room actually needed and always, the cost involved. Many units available determine the cost based on your income.  This can be somewhat trying at times, because the income levels vary from place to place.

My personal way to obtain public housing would be to rent.  Before doing this, I would have to sell my home first.  Right now, the housing market is not doing the best, so I can't make any changes in my situation soon. In looking over  the housing situation, it is a lesson in asking, listening, comparing, and deciding on a plan of action.  Obviously, this all sounds good, but every so often the best of "layed out" plans do not always work out.  Then it's back to "square one," and start over. At this time, it is not a rush deal, but it would be more comfortable to have some closure on the horizon.  Or as my Dad and Mom used to say, "Rome wasn't built in a day."

The brochures and/or information is usually helpful, but there are some companies that require a lot of information regarding one's financial status and that takes time to get organized. Patience is the word that one needs in working on the housing project, but it must be kept in mind, because these are decisions not to be taken lightly. As time rolls on, one gets feed-back from friends and/or relatives that have valuable experience in their dealings with various agencies.  Those findings will help me to make a decision.

The final say on this venture involves time and/or money.  In the mean time, I'll pursue the job of getting correct information and hope to finalize the chapter in my personal home hunting book.

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