Monday, April 11, 2011

Bill's Bits

SEATBELT INFORMATION CONTINUED-Riding in a motor vehicle is the most dangerous thing most of us will ever do. On a typical day in Minnesota, over 130 people are injured in traffic crashes.That's one every 11 minutes. Wearing a safety belt reduces your risk of injury in a car crash by 50 percent and by 65 percent in a pickup crash. Traffic crashes are the leading killer of people ages one to 42.

Without wearing a safety belt, the impact of a 35 miles per hour crash is the equivalent of falling head-first from a third story window. In a 30 miles per hour crash, a 10-pound baby could be ripped from a belted adult's arms with a force of over 300 pounds and hurled into the dashboard.


Traffic crashes are a major public health issue costing millions of Minnesota tax dollars each year. Hospital bills for unbelted crash victims are 50 percent higher than for those who wore a safety belt. Society picks up the tab on 85 percent of those costs. Motor vehicle crashes drive up the health benefits and insurance, costing every American, whether involved in a crash or not, about $580 per year. Vehicle crashes are also the primary cause of on-the-job death and injury in the United States. Crashes cost employers more than than $50 billion annually in medical care, legal expenses, property damage and lost productivity.

**NOTE: The information on seatbelt safety was written up by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

***ON A PERSONAL NOTE: On the 3rd of January, 2011, I was involved in a one car crash on Interstate # 94 near the Monticello exit,. As I went to pass a semi-truck that had stopped in the right-hand lane, I hit a patch of "black ice." My 2004 Olds Van and I went into a skid that I could not control. After several, attempts, I skidded into the left-hand lane and hit the steel link fence that separates the two west lanes from the two east lanes. The impact rolled the van onto its left side and ejected me through the door on the van's way over. I was strapped in but I some how was ripped loose from the belt and ended up in the median about a foot from the steel link fence. Ironically, my glasses flew out ahead of me and never got broke, but I sure did. The end result was two broken ribs and bruises galore. A "first responder" stopped and put a neck brace on me and said if you hadn't had a safety belt on to at least slow you down you would have hit the steel chain link fence with your head and you wouldn't have needed a neck brace ever! A night's stay in the Monticello Hospital, at which time they took more X-Rays than a Japanese Photo Convention and sent a very sore Bill home at 3:00 p.m. the next day with the help of my two sons, Steve , and Chuck. As of this writting, some time much later, my ribs still hurt when I lie down, and the bruises are pretty well healed.

The moral of this true story is...WEAR YOUR SEATBELT AT ALL TIMES WHEN DRIVING!
Even though I broke loose from part of the belt because some of the impact was sideways, it slowed my exit from the van some. Because the van flipped onto its side the air bags never came out. Folks, that ends my true story of how Bill Goede was welcomed into the year 2011! p.s. Please, everyone out there, BE CAREFUL!!!

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