Friday, March 25, 2011

Hastings Community Education: Community Challenge

Community Weight Loss Challenge ‘Loses’ Big!

Thirty-nine pounds and 28.75 inches lost in the early class and 78.2 pounds, plus 38.5 inches lost in the late class with Hastings Community Education’s winter session of the Community Weight Loss Challenge. Along with that, ALL participants who measured in the last night lowered their Body Mass Index (BMI) and had a lower body fat percentage after just eight weeks!

Nancy Gessner, group facilitator for this course, also ran a fall 12-week session where the early class lost 88 pounds and 17.25 inches and the later class lost 249.10 pounds, plus 151.75 inches! It might be rather fun to combine the total for all 20 weeks. The results might look like this: 454.30 pounds lost, along with 236.25 inches lost. The numbers total of 690.55; simply amazing. That’s like about four to five people!

The overall biggest loser who happened to take both classes and only missed one session out of the 20 has lost 40 pounds and 37.75 inches. Her BMI went down from 37.9 to 30.4 and her body fat % went from 42.9% to 36.6%. She has done fabulously well and looks and feels fantastic.

Weekly prizes are awarded to recognize positive improvements from participants, along with money prizes awarded the last night for the three biggest losers from each class.

You, too, can get involved. The next session begins Thursday, April 7th and runs for 8 sessions thru May 26th. There is an early and a later class. For more information, the full cost of the classes or to register please call Hastings Community Education at 651-480-7670. Pre-registration is required


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