Friday, March 11, 2011

Bill's Bits


It was in August of 1968 that my family and I moved to Cold Spring from Medford, Minnesota. I had been teaching 4th grade in Medford since graduating from Mankato State Teacher's College in March of 1960. I also was married on August 20, 1960. When a teaching and Principalship opened up I applied at Rocori and got accepted. My first 7 years were spent out in Rockville as a 4th grade teacher and Principal. Because there was no current public Elementary School in the newly formed Rocori District. The town of Cold Spring was divided in half and approximately half of the Cold Spring pupils went to Rockville and approximately half went to Richmond.

With the large numbers of pupils attending Rockville and Richmond, there had to be additional space provided. This was accomplished by bringing in re-locatable buildings. They were small classroom buildings that held up to about 30 pupils. That was the Fall of 1968. The following year, Cold Spring Public Elementary was started and then the number of pupils in Rockville and Richmond dropped back to about 200 pupils in both schools. The temporary buildings were actually quite comfortable. In a way it was like going back to the one room country schoolhouse I attended while in grade school.

There were certain things about being out at Rockville that stay in my mind...Not that they were bad, but different from time to time. The original building ws built during the Works Progress Administration (WPA) during the term of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The halls of that building were quite wide and at each entry way there were hand painted murals of the life style in and around Rockville. The building was constructed with the local Grey Granite from a near-by quarry and cut and finished right on the school's site.

NOTE: There are more story's to tell about John Clark Elementary and I will continue with more of them in the next week or so.

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