Friday, September 10, 2010

Wally Potter Selected as Outstanding Conservationist Award

The Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District is proud to announce the selection of Wally Potter, Lakeville as their 2010 Outstanding Conservationist.   Wally received this honor due to his efforts to restore shoreline along Lake Marion, assisting with a storm water quality improvement project at the St. John's Church parking facility located in Lakeville, and being a volunteer to collect water level and water quality data for the past two decades.  

Wally has demonstrated a real "hands-on" approach to conservation work.   He has worked to install over 700 native plantings on his shoreline property along Lake Marian.   He was also instrumental in assisting with the installation of two raingardens to store and infiltrate stormwater from a large parking area at his local congregation.  Raingardens are a water storage method that uses the soil and vegetation to temporarily hold and infiltrate surface water runoff.   Go to for pictures and more information about these water quality improvement projects.

Wally is a great example of a "citizen in action."  Through leading and volunteering, he does a great deal to inspire future conservationists and improve our ecosystems in Dakota County!   He will be recognized and commended on his award at the annual Minnesota Association of Conservation Districts convention held in St. Paul on December 9th.   

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