Friday, September 3, 2010

Free adult computer classes this fall at the Hastings Library

The Pleasant Hill Library will offer a series of free computer classes for beginners starting in Mid-September.  Registration is required for each class and begins two weeks prior to the class date.  People may register on line at or call the Pleasant Hill Library at 651-438-0200.  Classes being offered this fall are:
Beginning Computers – Wed, Sept 15  2-4 pm
 Learn the parts and uses of a home computer, how to use the mouse and keyboard, and become familiar with basic computer terminology. You will also be introduced to working with windows and toolbar menus .  For the absolute beginner.
Beginning Internet – Wed Sept 29  2-4
 Gain a basic understanding of the Internet. You'll learn about web browsers—and how to navigate one. Locate things on the Internet using a search engine, a website URL address and the toolbar. Prerequisites: Computer Basics class and/or ability to use the mouse. Prerequisites: Computer Basics class and/or ability to use the mouse
Cut, Copy, Paste  -  Wed Oct 13  2-4pm
During this class you will practice moving text by using Copy/Paste, Cut/Paste and dragging text. The class will use the Internet and Microsoft Word. Prerequisite: Basic Internet knowledge.
MS Word  - 2007  -  Wed, Oct 27  2-4 pm
Learn the basic features of Microsoft Word, a word processing program. Create a document using many of the software features. Learn to format, set margins and save your document. Prerequisite: Computer Basics class and/or ability to use the mouse
MS Excel -  2007  -  Thurs  Nov 18, 2-4
This class covers the basics of using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software through the example of a family budget. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word or equivalent.

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