Saturday, August 28, 2010

Librarians to quietly answer questions

Dakota County Library adopts text-a-librarian

 Starting Sept. 7, people can send a question by text message to a Dakota County librarian and get a quick response. Librarians didn't adopt text-a-librarian because it's quiet. It offers one more way for library users to get their questions answered, it's convenient and it's fast.

The first time people use the service, they will need to text AskDCL to 66746. For future text messages users simply need to enter the number. Users will get more instructions after sending their initial text message. While the library does not charge for the service, users should check their plans for any additional charges for text messages.

Ask reference questions, get library hours, or get book recommendations based on individual interests. Now librarians have a quiet way to share information people want to know. 

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