Thursday, August 12, 2010

A deal to seal

Recently, Dakota County helped the city of Hastings find and seal a 100-year-old well. The well, installed back in 1910, was no longer in use. It was sealed to prevent contaminants from going directly into drinking water below.

The county and its partners are asking other well owners to do the same. Two grant programs, one directed at city of Hastings property owners and one for the County as a whole, can pay well-owners up to half the cost of sealing their well. For details about both programs, contact Michael Rutten, Dakota County Water Resources, 952-891-7008, Rutten coordinates both grant-funded well-sealing programs.

The programs have helped seal more than 600 wells in Dakota County since the 1990s. It's estimated that there are thousands of unsealed wells throughout Dakota County. Dakota County's Water Resources staff will also help landowners locate wells, so they can be sealed. Sealing the wells helps to protect groundwater.

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