Monday, August 9, 2010


Over the years of growing up and later on in life, County Fairs are something that I always enjoyed. My first recollection of attending a fair was the local one where I grew up.

That particular Fair was the Jackson County Fair and if memory serves me, I was more interested in the rides than anything else.
I talked my parents into letting me ride on a pony that walked around in a circle. To my surprise that little pony started to buck. I finally got off in one piece, but my thrill of riding horses of any kind or shape was soon gone.

Next on the midway was the Ferris Wheel. I had never been on one before, but I thought this was the ride to be on. Well, was I ever mistaken! About one third of the way up, I got scared stiff and actually turned green my Mother said later. Mom some how talked the man that ran the Ferris Wheel to back it down and let me off.

That ended my early days of Midway rides. As a teenager and older I rode all kinds of rides including the "famed" Roller Coaster in Arnold Park. Iowa, but to this day, I have never ventured on to the Ferris Wheel.

Being in 4-H, I took some pigs to the fair and showed them. That was was an event that I will not forget, because after I had shown my prize hog and received a Red Ribbon, on the way back to the hog barn, my dear pig ran away. With the help of others, I got the pig back in his/her pen. I never placed high enough to win a trip to the Minnesota State Fair, but the attraction was always there.

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