Tuesday, August 3, 2010


In August 2009, 6yr old Hayden Otto, son of Tony & Katie (Siebenaler) Otto, went in for his regular dental checkup. The dentist noted a lump on the roof of his mouth. From there he went to an oral surgeon, had a biopsy and he had a clean bill of health. Two months later, Hayden started experiencing pain in his cheek, some swelling, fatigue, headaches and so forth. To make a long story short, he had two CT scans done and a tumor was located on the right side of his face. On Wednesday Dec 23, 2009 he had a biopsy done at the U of M and December 24th, we found out Hayden had bone cancer. He has been diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma Cancer.

In the past 6 months Hayden has received chemo treatments, numerous blood transfusions and countless antibiotics and blood tests. In May 2010, Hayden received word that he was selected to go to Boston, MA to receive radiation treatment. Hayden and his mother Katie were there from May until July 10th when he was able to come home!!! He returned to a street full of people and a ride on a firetruck and ambulance! Hayden is an amazing 7yr old boy. His nickname has always been Smiley, because thats all he does. Throughout this whole ordeal, Hayden has kept a smile on his face and been a fighter.

Family members are having a benefit for Hayden Otto on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 at 4:00pm at Grandpa’s Garage in Cannon Falls, MN.

Thank you for taking the time to read this event, and keep Hayden and his family in your prayers! Thank you very much. Have a great day!- Kelly Gustafson

If anyone has connections or is willing to donate items for the silent auction/live auction/ raffle let me know!

So far here is what is on the agenda:

Silent Auction
Live Auction
Raffle- This will include 1 or two bows a hoyt/mathews, and a Remington Gun.
Duck pond for kids

Lots of fun things!!!

You can follow Hayden's progression on his caring bridge site:

Donations can be made/sent to:
Kelly 'Otto' Gustafson
13041 Sunset Trail
Welch, MN 55089

Kelly 'Siebenaler' Hovel
34440 County Rd 25
Cannon Falls, MN 55009

Bria 'Otto' Ohmann

Kristy 'Siebenaler' Cummings

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