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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dakota County Resolution Makes It Official.

The Dakota County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution that provides them with more flexibility to manage citizen advisory committees and also formalizes the working relationship already established between the Board and the County Administrator. This resolution is the result of legislation that was passed by the state last year allowing Dakota County to change its form of government from the county administrator form to a modified county manager form. Under the county administrator form of government, the County Board had final approval authority on administrative matters, though the County Board was allowed to delegate such authority to the county administrator. With the change to a county manager form of government, these administrative and executive powers and duties are now given to the county manager. The Dakota County Board of Commissioners had already delegated many of the Board's administrative powers and duties to the County Administrator. The resolution also names Brandt Richardson as the County Manager. Richardson's responsibilities remain the same and the transition will not impact the workforce in any way.

Changes in Citizen Advisory Committees
One of the biggest benefits of this new structure is how Citizen Advisory Committees are created and managed. These committees will now be established and structured by the County Board instead of through state legislation.
This means the County Board can change term limits and ease district residency requirements to more easily fill vacancies on some committees. It also means that if a committee outlives its usefulness, the Board can consider eliminating it. The Community Corrections Advisory Board, Extension Committee, Human Service Advisory Committee, Public Art Advisory Committee and Solid Waste Advisory Committee were all re-established unchanged from their present form through the end of 2014. The Library Board has been re-established as the Library Advisory Committee and no longer has exclusive control over library operations and expenditures. All of the changes will make it possible to improve the function of advisory groups, making them more efficient and relevant to Dakota County's work.

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