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Friday, November 15, 2013

Minnesota Department of Revenue commissioner to recognize Dakota County for property tax levy

Minnesota Department of Revenue Commissioner Myron Frans will hold a press conference in the board room of the Dakota County Administration Center, 1590 Highway 55, Hastings, at 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 18, to discuss Dakota County's property tax levy for 2014.


State and local property taxes have risen 86 percent since 2002, but Dakota County is among a few governing bodies that have managed to reverse the trend.


The County set its 2014 preliminary levy at .5 percent below last year's amount of $129,152,073. Management decisions by the Dakota County Board over the past several years have put the County into a position of lowering the levy. Those decisions have included reducing operating spending by more than 15 percent since 2009 and avoiding significant health care costs by becoming self-insured.


The County's levy decrease was also made possible in part by decisions made at the state level. The 2013 Legislature not only eliminated the sales tax for cities and counties, but also increased aid to cities, counties and townships by $130 million.


For more information about Dakota County's levy, visit and search levy.

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