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Friday, February 15, 2013

Red Wing pottery presentation at the library

Third Generation Red Wing Pottery Owner Presents Program at the Library
Scott Gillmer, third generation owner of the Red Wing Pottery manufacturing company in Red Wing, Minnesota, will present a historical account of the history of the family-owned business at a program at the Pleasant Hill Library on Monday, March 11 at 6 p.m.  Gillmer will speak about the origins of the company, the changes the company has undergone over the years, and his vision for the future of Red Wing Pottery. 

Red Wing Pottery production began in the mid-1860s. Skilled craftsmen-potters from Germany had settled in Red Wing, and using natural clay deposits, began producing pots. They produced ware for processing and storing food. They made crocks, jugs, and bowls, and other utilitarian items for use in the agrarian economy of the day. They produced salt glaze pottery, characterized by a clay body of grey or tan with a surface that felt like the surface of an orange (pocked), and decorated with a simple hand-done, cobalt blue decoration of a bird or flower.

Gillmer will not appraise actual Red Wing pieces at the event, however, he will speak generally about the value of the crockery and share a few pieces from his own collection. 

There is no charge for the event, and no registration is required.  This is a Minnesota Mosaic Series Event.  For more information about the event, call the library at 651-438-0200.

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