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Thursday, February 14, 2013


This is a trip that I would never have guessed I would be taking with my Mom and Dad and two sisters, plus a two-year-old nephew.

Our trip was to go from Jackson, Minnesota to Seattle, Washington, so my sister Gladys could continue on to Sitka. Alaska to work at a Junior College Campus on that island for the summer.

Our first stop was at Igloo, South Dakota to pick-up my sister Ruth and her two-year-old son, Scott, and with our 1952 Plymoth, traveling at 55 miles per hour it was off to Seattle, Washington.

Our first attraction was to enter Yellowstone National Park. My! what an experience, but because of a time commitment to get to Seattle, we more or less abserved Yellowstone on the run. I did convince my Dad to go down to see "OLD FAITHFUL" that was a steam and water geyser that erupted every hour on the hour. After waiting a safe distance from it, my Dad said that nothing was going to happen except a small geyser that was not very impressive. Finally the real euption startedf and what a sight it was! Even my Dad was impressed.

So back on the road to our destination, leaving some fond memories of our first (and last) visit to Yellostone.

Over the miles we traveled, there were many beautiful sights along the way and because our time was limited. we could not stay long to see them as long as we would have liked to on many days of travel.

Finally the big day arrived and we entered the city of Seattle, Washington. The steep streets and hills were very scary to me and the others in the car. One time our Plymouth stalled backing out of a parking spot, but with the help of a kind Minister, we got started again. We did get my sister, Gladys to her boat for the trip to Sitka, Alaska and now we were to try and visit a relative or two and hopefully some friends.

Our first time aboard a Ferry was a new experience, so we could visit my Uncle, Wilbert and family in Bremerton, Washington. Our days of visiting various friends and relatives were very enjoyable, to say the least.

After our visits of several people it was off to head east along the upper highways of several states. Somewhere to the east, we left my Sister, Ruth, off to catch a bus back to her home in Igloo, South Dakota. Mom and Dad and myself crossed the U.S. Canadian border on our way to Chauvin Alberta, Canada. The town of Chauvin is less than 200 people and is about 120 miles from Edmonton, the Capital of the Provence of Alberta

Our reason for arriving in Chauvin was to visit many of the Goede family's that settled there several years earlier. Not having met many of our relatives before, was quite interesting to say the least. Our length of stay was about two weeks and being able to become acquainted with several cousins, uncles, aunts and friends made for a very enjoyable visit for myself and Mom and Dad. But, as they say, "all good things come to an end," and it was time to head back to our home, on a farm near Jackson, Minn.

There was a brief stop in Garrison, North Dakota to visit relatives on my Mom"s side of the family, by the name of Ricketts. Once again it was on towards home and our summer's vacation was over and back to the day by day work that needed to be done. We did have a neighbor or two and a relative to look after things while we were gone. That extensive trip of just over 5,000 miles and is one I'll never forget and will cherish as a great time to be with my Parents and Sisters and a lttle 2 or 3-year-old nephew named Scott Murphy.
Add to the fact that there were no accidents or car problems other than to change oil made our famous trip very enjoyable, except for some mountain driving that was a little scary at times.

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