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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bill's Bits


JANUARY: January 1st marks the New Year as we all know and clebrations plus the big ball dropping in Time's Square in New York City at Midnite on Decenber 31. The making of New Year's resolutions is part of the New Year's affairs.

January 21 marks an important event in our history and it is in honor of Martin Luther King. He was noted for his working on "Civil Rights Issues and was a well read man who said the immortal words, "I have a Dream!" Even though he advocated non-violence and peaceful protests, he was shot and killed in a motel at the height of his Civil Rights peaceful work.

FEBRUARY: February 14 is a well-known date because it relates to VALENTINE'S DAY! It tends to over-shadow several other days that are not major holidays,. but should be noted. They are Ash Wenesday, Lincoln's Birthday, (Feb. 12) and Washington's Birthday. (Feb.22) but it officiall observed on Monday, Feb. 18. It should be noted that Ash Wednesday falls on Wed. April 13 this year.

MARCH: Daylight Saving Time starts on Sunday, March, 10, followed by St. Patrick's Day on Sunday, March 17. The first day of Spring may be recognized in the hopes of warmer weather to follow a cold winter.

Last, but certainly not the least are the very important Church and Christian dates of Palm Sunday (24th) and Easter Sunday. (31) Good Friday is on Friday, March 29, prior to Palm and Easter to round out the very important Christian Holiday events.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: March is sometimes known to come in like a Lion and go out like a Lamb or possibly the other way around. (Remember, this is "Good Old Minnesota...)

APRIL: Right off the bat, on the first (1st) is All Fool's Day. I'm sure we have all got caught on a April Fool's Joke sometime.

Even though it is not noted on the calendar, the next date is no joke at all!!! I'm refering to the 15th of April which is the date that all U. S. Citizens must file their Income tax. April 22 marks the date that Earth Day is observed in hopes that we all are trying to help our dear planet be a better and healthier place to live. Last, but certainly not least, is my oldest child, (or Man) Steve and his birthday beats out all the other events in April.

MAY: May 1st is is not an official day, but is still regarded as "May Day" or a day when you can give or personally deliver a "May Basket" to someone you care for... This practice is somewhat "old fashioned" but can be fun if the spirit moves you.

Thursday, May 9 marks the Christian observance of "Ascension Day."

Probably the most remembered day is "Memorial Day." The traditional day was always May, 30th, but it is now observed on the last Monday of the month usually and this makes for a longer 4 day vacation if at all possible. This years day and date is Monday, May, 27. and pays repect to those who perished defending our country and our relatives and friends who have passed on.

JUNE: June 14 marks the date for Flag Day and every American family is urged to fly the Stars and Stripes that day.

Father's day follows next and it is interesting to note that I've heard that day is when there used to be more "collect" calls than any other day. I guess Dad had to pick up the tab on that day...

June 21 marks the day that Summer Officially begins and that should make everyone happy, or will it?

JULY: One can always remember the special FOURTH OF JULY! This day is full of family get-togethers, swimming, picnics, fishing and at night the usual display of fireworks
and the "OOHS and AHS" of all the colorful displays along with many, very LOUD firecrackers.

That about rounds out the month of July, but the memories of those July 4th's still linger in my mind.

AUGUST: My calendar only lists CIVIC HOLIDAY-IN CANADA as any event of some importance. However; the date of AUGUST 20 is very inportant on my calendar, because that is the date my late Wife, Mae, and I were married back in 1960. Further anniversaries were cut short when Mae passed away in 2010. We did have a wonderful 50th anniversary party with my Best Man, Sam Hedge, and Groomsman, Gaylord Larsen, in attendance to be with us and our children, Steve, Susan, and Chuck,plus my niece Alice, and her husband Jory Rasmussen were there to be with us and wish us well after a great meal in the Blue Heron Supper Club in Cold Spring, Minnesota.

To sum up August, it was a "WINNER"!!!

SEPTEMBER: LABOR DAY heads up the list which always falls on the first Monday in September. Traditionally this marks the last day of summer and ushers in Fall on the 22nd of this month. Sandwiched in between are Grandparents Day and Yom Kippur Day.

However; there are 2 "Special Days" that I want to make note of before going on. Those 2 dates are the 7th and 18th of this month and they are my Birthdate,(7th)and my son Chuck's Birthdate.(18th) To protect our secret of our combined age, I will not divulge our true, if any, age...With those matters cleared up, let's move on to October...

OCTOBER: A day that is sometimes noted, but not observed as a Holiday is Columbus Day on October 12. One day that is remembered more than others is
HALLOWEEN! There are all kinds of activities associated with this wild day.
Young children go around the neighborhood saying "trick or treat" and get more candy andf junk than is received the rest of the year.

My most remembered date for October is the birth date of my late wife, Mae, which falls on October 25, 1931...
The first year of our marriage, I missed that date by 1 day. After that mistake, I never forgot the right date again.

No doubt about it in my mind that August and October are my two favorite months of the year, or any year.

NOVEMBER: To start things off for November, "Daylight Saving Time ends for the year on Sunday, November 3rd. General Election Day is very imporant to all of us, because we can cast our vote for the person we believe will work hard for our good. This day is Tueday, Nov . 5th.

Veterans Day is always noted, and is not a Legal Holiday, but is very important to remember those men and women who served our country and protected us from harm by war-hungry country's around the world.

Last, but ceretainly not least, is the ever popular Thanksgiving Day! Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, plus the famous Pumpkin Pie are everyyone's favorite. Family gatherings, football games, the big parade put on by Macey's in New York are on every TV screen around the country. The date and day for Thanksgiving used to move around on the calendar, but after a Presidental Decree some years ago, the established day and date is the last Thursday in the month of November.

The Friday right after Thanksgiving usher's in the season for Christmas and the traditioal present buying for the upcoming Christmas Day. Personally, I think the present buying is over- done by most people and the real meaning of Christmas gets lost in the shuffle. Last, but not least is my daughter Susan's Birthday on the 21st.

More on the beloved Month of December is coming right up...

DECEMBER: December 7th marks the day referred to as Pearl Harbor Day. It was on this date in 1941 that the Japanese Empire bombed the U. S. Island and many, many, service men and women were killed. It goes wthout saying that Christmas is the most cherished Holiday of the year... The Christian based Holiday is celebrated each year as it relates to the birth of the CHRIST CHILD. Other events enter in, but the the main belief in the Christian World is the promise of peace through-out the whole world. GOD BLESS US, EVERY ONE!

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