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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bill's Bits

Cold Spring's Business places run by Women...

Some time ago, Pearl Larson reminded me that besides the men who owned or managed a business in Cold Spring, there were women who did own or had owned and run a business place. Here is her list of women who were in the business world right here in Cold Spring, Minnesota.

1. Pearl Larson - Had the first Flower Shop and it was started in 1973. Pearl named it the Spring Floral Shoppe. The present owner is a woman also and the business is named Cold Spring Floral.

2. Nancy Frie- American Family Insurance.

3. Arliss Stang- -Styles Plus - Perms, cutting, styling and hair care.

4.  Betty Johnson and Peggy Brink -  The Red River Inn       
5. Megan McClure - Insurance Agency.

6. Deb Vogt - Insurance Agency.

Note:  There are other women in business, also... Dentists, Dog Groomers. (Happy Tails) pharmacists, beauty shop owners and many more, too numerous to mention.

Additional Note: I probably missed some ladies in Cold Spring Businesses, so if anyone wants to add to my list and Pearl's,
give me a call at 685-8116.

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